The holiday home is not owned by Norsk Hytte Udlejning but by a third party (“Homeowner” or a Destination company). Norsk Hytte Udlejning is the party that makes the holiday home available to you on behalf of the Homeowner/Destination for the Homeowner’s/Destination´s benefit and risk. Norsk Hytte Udlejning has an agreement with the Homeowner/destination which gives Norsk Hytte Udlejning the exclusive right to sell the rental of the holiday home.


The term “Holiday home” is used about both cottages, apartments and hotels.


1. Agreement
1.1 contractual basis 

Rental of the holiday home shall always be subject to these booking conditions, which, together with invoice terms and the travel documents, form the rental agreement (“Agreement”). 

Travel agents, websites and other booking agents cannot enter into agreements which differ from Norsk Hytte Udlejning´s booking conditions.

The rental agreement between Norsk Hytte Udlejning and the tenant is binding from the day when Norsk Hytte Udlejning confirms the order.

Norsk Hytte Udlejning will send a confirmation and other rental documents to the tenant right after the booking. It´s the tenant’s responsibility so controls the confirmation including arrival and departure dates.


2. Rental agreement
The arrival and departure times stated on the rental documents are valid at all times. 
The rental documents contain information about the time at which the key can be collected and when the holiday home will be ready for arrival. 

The key will only be handed over if the full rent has been paid in accordance with the booking conditions and upon presentation of the original travel documents. 

In special cases, if the next guests do not arrive until later in the day, it is possible to stay in the accommodation at a later agreed time in a few destinations.


The same applies if the accommodation is available before 4.00/5.00 PM on the day of arrival. Both only by prior agreement and does primarily pertain to cabins at Hafjell.

We can not guarantee check in at 17 on major arrival days.

3. The Holiday Home
3.1 Use of the holiday home and grounds
Unless otherwise agreed with Norsk Hytte Udlejning, the holiday home may not be used for any purpose other than a holiday. It is forbidden to pitch tents or to park caravans or the like on or beside the holiday home´s grounds.


3.2 Number of guests
At any time, the holiday home and the property belonging to it may be occupied by no more than the number of people stated in the rental documents. That number includes children regardless of their age.
The accommodations are furnished with real beds, so it is not possible to make up on sofa, loft or similar, unless this is stated in the comments.

3.3 Pets
It is only allowed to bring pets to the cabins and apartments in which the cabin/apartment descriptions explicitly states so. In the event that the guest brings pets in spite of this, the guest will be rejected at arrival and the rental payment will not be refunded.


3.4 Smoking
Smoking is not permitted inside the holiday home. Smoking can take place outside by the ashtray. A fee will be charged for breaches of the smoking ban. 


3.5 Fixtures and equipment
The accommodation is equipped with cookware, duvets/cotton wool rugs and pillows. 


3.6 Bed linen, towels etc.                                                                                                                                      
Bed linen, towels, tea towels and dishcloths must be brought when renting a holiday home. However, it can be rented at the destination, but we recommend order this at the time of booking or no later than 14 days before arrival.
When booking bed linen, towels, tea towels, dishcloths, cot, and child seat after booking, an administration fee of DKK 95,- will be charged. 

3.7 Ski in/Ski out 
Ski-in/ski-out means you can ski from the holiday home to the alpine hill without having to go far. For many holiday homes, the specified distance to hills is equal to the distance from the holiday home and to the ski road. Grooming these is dependent on natural resources.

3.8 Internet/Wifi
Unless specified in the description of the holiday home internet/WiFi is not available.
Please note that there might be challenges by inadequate coverage in the area where the  holiday home is located especially in the mountain area.
3.9 Training/reserved pistes in Hafjell/Kvitfjell
Hafjell has the status of national facility for technical disciplines, therefore we ask our guests to be aware that some slopes can be reserved for training/running.


4. Prices and payment

4.1 Prices and fees
All prices are stated in Danish Crowns (DKK) per house per week.
Prices are shown on travel certificate/invoice.  Prices are inclusive of electricity consumption and water unless otherwise stated.

All bookings are subject to a booking fee of DKK 95,-


4.2 Depositum
A deposit of 25% of the rental amount is charged, however, a minimum of DKK 1.500 per rental / hotel accommodation.
Deposit is charged when ordering online or upon receipt of confirmation which is sent per mail or postal.

Deposit is part of the rental price and is non-refundable.


4.3 Payment

The remaining balance is to be paid no later than 55 days before arrival.
Bookings at Hafjell and Kvitfjell with at least 12 persons is to be paid at the latest 70 days before arrival. However this does not apply to NHU cabins at Hafjell.


For bookings less than 55 days before arrival, the full price of the trip is paid when booking.

When booking at Hafjell or Kvitfjell with at least 12 persons less than 70 days before arrival, the journeys price is to be paid immediately.


When paying a deposit or the entire price of the trip, Norsk Hytte Udlejning's rental conditions are accepted at the same time.

4.4 Method of payment 
Payment can be done several ways:
  1. Online payment (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro card) The amount is deducted from the guest's payment card when booking / booking has been processed.

  2. Manual invoice is sent by email after booking and paid via online banking. An invoicing fee of DKK 150 is charged for this.
  3. Payment can also be made by payment to our bank account either in Norway or Denmark (see under “Contact”)

4.5 Price Changes

Norsk Hytte Udlejning reserves the right to increase the rental price proportionately if there are significant changes in exchange rates, taxes, VAT, transport costs (fuel, etc.) and other unforeseen new or increased taxes / duties.

The price increase must be notified as soon as possible and no later than 20 days before departure.

If the invoiced price increases by more than 10%, the guest has the right to cancel the trip with a full refund.

5. Changes

In the event that the holiday home has been sold, or has been exposed to damage that makes the holiday home uninhabitable, Norsk Hytte Udlejning reserves the right to change the terms of the event to the extent that the tenant can be offered other similar services. This is done at no extra cost to the tenant.


If the event cannot be delivered in accordance with the confirmation and present conditions, and Norsk Hytte Udlejning cannot offer the tenant another similar service, the tenant has the right to terminate the agreement. The tenant also has the right to terminate the agreement if the conditions are changed to a significant inconvenience to the tenant. In this case, Norsk Hytte Udlejning will refund the full amount paid, however, less any useful value the tenant may have had.


The tenant has the right to put another person in his place, which Norsk Hytte Udlejning must accept, unless special circumstances dictate otherwise. Such a relationship can e.g. be that the person does not meet the age requirement at the destination. When changing the order, Norsk Hytte Udlejning is entitled to impose a change fee of DKK 200.


If the agreement is transferred, the transferor and the acquirer are jointly and severally liable to Norsk Hytte Udlejning, including any outstanding payments for the trip.

6. Failure of payment

If the deposit or remaining payment is not received by Norsk Hytte Udlejning no later than the date stated in the confirmation, the booking will be canceled. Failure to payment is considered a cancellation, which is why the rules on cancellation, clause 7 enters into force

7. Cancellation

Cancellation can only be made in writing and shall only apply from the day on which Norsk Hytte Udlejning receives it.

Failure to pay, according to clause 6 will, however, be considered a cancellation by Norsk Hytte Udlejning and will be treated in accordance with the provisions below.


Deposit is non-refundable upon cancellation.


When cancelling a booking with less than 55 days before arrival, or less than 70 days until arrival with at least 12 persons at the destinations Hafjell and Kvitfjell (with the exception on NHU cabins at Hafjell) – The guest pays for the full booking. The guest is thus obliged to pay for all expenses related to the booking.


The tenant is thus obliged to bear all costs in connection with the booking.

In connection with booking / booking a holiday home, the guest is encouraged to have taken out a proper cancellation insurance.

8. The tenant´s obligations 

8.1 Age Requirements 

The tenant must be at least 18 years old on the day the booking is made. 
The person responsible for booking must be 25 years of age when booking a stay at Hafjell. 
The age limit may vary for the other destinations, contact Norsk Hytte Udlejning for clarification.

8.2 Rules of order and instructions

The tenant must follow the rules of order, directions, ski rules and regulations that apply to the destination. 

Between 11:00PM and 07:00AM, the tenant must show consideration with regard to noise and other conditions towards the other guests.

Norsk Hytte Udlejning has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the tenant or someone in his company acts disruptively and / or causes damage to the holiday home or if the holiday home is used for a purpose other than that pursuant to clause 3.1 agreed.


8.3 Keys

The tenant must hand in all the keys to the holiday home on the day of departure. Otherwise, Norsk Hytte Udlejning reserves the right to replace the lock at the tenant´s expense.

9. Energy and water

Unless otherwise stated in the description, all holiday homes are heated by electricity. Where there is a fireplace / wood stove, firewood can be bought in the area, upon booking or arrival.

The rent for the holiday home includes electricity consumption and water unless otherwise stated, clause 4.1.

It is not permitted to charge electric cars with electricity from the rental property, unless there is a charging station attached to the house. If the tenant violates this prohibition, it will result in a fee of DKK 2,500. per car that violates the ban.

Repeated violations will result in expulsion from the rental property. If the tenant violates this prohibition, the tenant is liable for damages for all damages this may cause.



10. Final cleaning

It appears from the confirmation/rental certificate whether final cleaning is included. In several holiday homes, final cleaning is mandatory.


10.1 Tenant cleaning

In some holiday homes it is possible to clean yourself on departure.


Tenant is obliged to leave the holiday home in a tidy and thoroughly cleaned condition. Below, the tenant must pay special attention to cleaning the refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven, grill and sanitary installations.


10.2 Final cleaning

If cleaning is included in the rent, or if the tenant has ordered cleaning, this does not release the tenant from the obligation to arrange dishes, empty the refrigerator, clean the oven and outdoor barbecue, as well as clean up in and around the holiday home before departure.


Costs for missing or defective cleaning / and or cleaning are done at the tenant's expense.



11. Damage

The tenant shall treat the rented premises in a responsible manner, and the tenant must return the rented premises in the same condition as they were received. 
The tenant shall be liable to the Homeowner for any damage to the holiday home and/or its inventory/furniture/appliances or facilities inflicted during the rental period by the tenant or others who were given access to the rented holiday home by the tenant.



12. Defects, Complaints, and remedy

If the tenant, when taking over the holiday home, observes insufficient cleaning, damage to or
defects of the holiday home, the tenant should file a complaint immediately as the holiday home
will otherwise be considered handed over to the tenant without problems and the tenant will
lose the right to make a complaint about the problem.


Complaints should be reported to guide or reception no later than 10AM the following day.


Norsk Hytte Udlejning is entitled to remedy any defect or deficiency.


In case of a complaint, the guest is obliged to give Norsk Hytte Udlejning a reasonable time limit to correct or rectify any deficiency or damage.


Departure from the holiday home before the end of the lease, without prior agreement with Norsk Hytte Udlejning, is at the guest's own expense and risk. The guest thus risks terminating the lease unjustifiably.


Norsk Hytte Udlejning reserves the right to remedy any complaint by relocating the tenant to a different
holiday home of a similar price and quality where possible. This decision shall be made at
Norsk Hytte Udlejning´s discretion.


13. Norsk Hytte Udlejning as the intermediary

The holiday home is not owned by Norsk Hytte Udlejning but by the Homeowner. Norsk Hytte Udlejning is the party that makes the holiday home available to you on behalf of the Homeowner for the
Homeowner’s benefit and risk. If, contrary to expectations, a booking cannot be completed due to reasons beyond Norsk Hytte Udlejning´s control, e.g. due to sale by order of the court or due to the Homeowner’s breach of contract or similar, Norsk Hytte Udlejning shall be entitled to cancel the booking, and the rent which has already been paid by the tenant to Norsk Hytte Udlejning shall be refunded by Norsk Hytte Udlejning immediately. However, as an alternative and at Norsk Hytte Udlejning `s discretion, Norsk Hytte Udlejning is entitled to offer the tenant another similar holiday home in the same area and at the same price.



14. Force majeure and/or extraordinary 

If Norsk Hytte Udlejning and/or the Homeowner is prevented from or significantly hindered in carrying out their obligations under the Agreement due to force majeure events and/or other extraordinary events or circumstances including but not limited to war, natural disasters, pollution disasters, drought, other extraordinary weather conditions, epidemics, pandemics, quarantine measures, the closing of borders or geographical areas, food shortages and/or rationing, traffic conditions, the interruption of currency trading, strikes, lockouts, and regardless of whether or not those force majeure events and/or other extraordinary events or circumstances were foreseeable at the time the booking was made, Norsk Hytte Udlejning and/or the Homeowner shall be entitled to cancel the Agreement and neither Norsk Hytte Udlejning nor the Homeowner shall be liable for the non-fulfilment of the Agreement.


In the case of force majeure events and/or other extraordinary events and circumstances Norsk Hytte Udlejning shall be entitled to retain all amounts paid to Norsk Hytte Udlejning by the tenant.


15. Change / cancellation of ferry, aircraft or other modes of transport
Norsk Hytte Udlejning cannot be held liable in the event of changes or cancellations of departures by ferry, aircraft, or other means of transport.


To the extent that Norsk Hytte Udlejning receives a refund of the amount from our partners on this occasion, the full price of the originally booked transport will be refunded. Norsk Hytte Udlejning is of course helpful with alternative transport options. The guest bears the expenses and possibly price increases in this regard.



16. Reservations
Norsk Hytte Udlejning reserves the right to make any technical errors, printing errors in material and on the website, incorrectly set prices and obvious price errors.

Norsk Hytte Udlejning also reserves the right to make technical errors that may occur when booking. In case of technical booking errors, the guest will be refunded 100% of the deposit.

Norsk Hytte Udlejning cannot be held responsible for price changes on ski rental, lift passes, ferry prices or discounts that are outside Norsk Hytte Udlejning's control.



17. Toll cards
In some cases, roadblocks must be passed to get to the holiday home. Unless otherwise specifically stated in the confirmation, the rental price does not include toll cards, and it must be expected that passage through the toll will be at your own expense.



18. Further information

18.1 Cancellation
These booking conditions are not subject to the rules on the right to cancellation.


18.2 Separate agreement
If a special written agreement is entered into with Norsk Hytte Udlejning, which in one or more areas deviat´es from the general rental conditions, Norsk Hytte Udlejning's other rental conditions are not hereby revoked.


19.Norsk Hytte Udlejning´s obligations in connection with data protection 

In relation to data protection legislation the data controller is Norsk Hytte Udlejning Aps, CVR-nr 33638973, Vestergade 41, 7700 Thisted. All enquiries concerning data protection can be sent to the following email address:


Norsk Hytte udlejning processes the personal data that you have submitted in connection with your booking because it is necessary to do so in order to complete the booking and thereby comply with the
Agreement as well as to comply with the legal obligations imposed on Norsk Hytte udlejning.


We keep your personal data only for as long as it is necessary to do so, either in relation to the
purpose for which we obtained it or in relation to applicable legislation.

You are entitled to receive information about, and a copy of, the personal data we have registered about you, to correct any inaccuracies, to obtain the deletion of your personal data if it is no longer necessary to achieve the purpose for which the data was collected or if the processing is unlawful, and to ask us to limit the processing of your personal data. You are entitled to make a complaint to a supervisory authority.


20. Jurisdiction 

In case of disagreement, the case shall be brought in the jurisdiction area, where the holiday home is located and shall be resolved according to Danish law, which is agreed between the parties.


21. The Travel Guarantee Fund - Rejsegarantifonden 

Norsk Hytte Udlejning is a member of The Travel Guarantee Fund/Rejsegarantifonden. 
Membership no. 2437.


Norsk Hytte Udlejning ApS
Vestergade 41, 7700 Thisted, Danmark
Tel: +45 9617 0111  

CVR: 3363 8973


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