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With many years of experience with buying and selling cabins, we now have the knowledge

that is needed to give advice, both to Danes and Norwegians about buying cabins and apartments. We do not see us self as an real estate agency, but more as advisers, sa our knowledge also goes for renting, operations and investments.


We do not have many cabins or apartments for sale in NHU, as we wishes to keep as many as possible for renting, but we do have co-operation with Terra Meglingen i Lillehammer. 
Terra Meglingen do send us many cabins for sale, even before they are out on the internet 
or in the ad, so please send an e-mail if you want to get on the waiting list for a cabin in Hafjell or Kvitfjell. See mail-address under contact.


If you consider buying a cabin or apartment, please contact us and we can help you with all the papers you need to have, to buy in Norwegian.


Clik on the menues to see the cabins and apartments that are for sale right now.


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