Number of persons

Number of rooms

Max price

Arrival / key collection.

Our guests will receive a check-in SMS on the day of arrival when the accommodation is ready, but no later than 16.00
In this sms there is also a link to a map so you can find the check-in station or your house, depending on whether it is a code or key.

Code lock:
Some accommodations and Hotel Kurbits have code locks and then you will receive an SMS when the accommodation is ready, with a check-in link. When you check in via this, a code will be sent to the home immediately with 10 digits for use as a "key" to the code lock on the house.
Should you arrive late and arrive later than 15 hours after the scheduled check-in time, please contact the reception at Hotell Kurbits to obtain a new code.

Key / badge:
The guest receives an SMS with information that their accommodation is ready and that a key can be picked up at one of our check-in stations and the code there. The Check In station in question and a link to where it is located can also be seen in the text message.

Check-in / check-out;
Check-in in all houses is at 16.00
Check-out is at 11:00 except for the houses that have mandatory cleaning, where check-out is at. 10.00. If you have purchased cleaning where it is not included, check-out will also be at 10.00


Hvis du har brug for hjælp i forbindelse med indtjekning, kan du ringe på (+46) 280-96215.