Hemsedal is one of the very best ski resorts in northern Europe. The snow conditions are stable and very good in Hemsedal, from November till May every year, thanks to the location of Hemsedal in the mountains, halfway between Oslo and Bergen. In Hemsedal there is to alpine centers; Hemsedal alpine center and Solheisen alpine center Hemsedal alpine center Hemsedal alpine center offers skiing for everyone, from beginners to experienced skiers. There is various slopes and the alpine center has 21 lifts and 53 slopes with various difficulties, from the easiest green slopes to the difficult black slopes. There is several terrain parks, appropriate for many different skiing - and snowboard levels. The parks in Hemsedal are known among snowboarders and skiing-enthusiasts all over the world. Solheisen alpine center Not far from Hemsedal alpine center (approximately 10 kilometers) in Grøndalen, you'll find Solheisen alpine center. Solhesien has three lifts and six slopes and is the perfect place for those who wishes to go skiing in quieter surroundings.

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